Surface Pattern Design Studio

Intricate patterns and designs for home décor, kitchenware and stationery.

Are you looking for beautiful designs to adorn your latest product?

Are you looking for beautiful designs to adorn your latest product?

You have put a lot of thought into designing and making your products. Good surface pattern design will help them shine.

My name is Shelley. Motif Manor is my surface pattern design studio created to help you make beautiful products for your customers.

How I Can Help You

My job as a freelance surface pattern designer is to work with you to create customised surface pattern designs, for your newest product or range. Our work together includes discussion of colour, style and structure as well as your design requirements.

I work in adaptable ways to suit the wide range of needs of product based businesses such as yours. The end product is the same though – customised patterns and designs ready to license, with the option to do so exclusively.

Purchase Designs from My Portfolio

Choose from pattern collections ready to be customised and licensed for your products.

Commission Custom Pattern Designs

Simple single designs though to complex layered pattern collections, and everything in between, custom designed for you to license.

Not sure where you fit?

Book a free 15 minute consultation to
discuss your needs and the best way for us to work together.

 Book a free 15 minute call to discuss your design needs.

” Throughout the whole process communication is key”.

Who am I?

I am a tea drinking, colour loving, Surface Pattern Designer based in Perth, Western Australia. My work is inspired by classic pattern styles, cultures from around the globe and our wonderful natural world.

My mission is to create beautiful, intricate and calming patterns and designs for home décor, kitchenware and stationery companies, which inspire mindfulness and appreciation of everyday things and moments.

That my friend, is what Motif Manor is all about.

Winner of the Ultimate Portfolio Builder’s Creative Mentorship by Make It In Design

Shelley presented a really intricate collection of patterns which would work beautifully for the homewares market.

Make It in Design, UK

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Insights into surface pattern design, creative processes and life in a design studio.

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A Beautiful Pattern is Only Part of the Story

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Access the Portfolio

View the surface pattern design portfolio with collections ready for licensing.

Create Your 'Designer Ready' Surface Pattern Vison in 6 Simple Steps

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