Custom Pattern Design Services

Are you in need of a custom pattern or design for your latest product?

In fact you may be doing any of the following:

  • Revamping a tried and true product to increase your offerings to your loyal customers
  • Releasing a new product or range that requires custom surface design 
  • Adding a complementing product to your current lines to increase your bumps/upsells 
  • Wanting to create a customer incentive or gift for your new subscribers
  • Looking to compliment your brand assets with a pattern or two
  • Looking for unique and exclusive pattern collections for your products

I can work with you to create the perfect custom pattern design or print for your product or product line.

My designs are for businesses and companies looking to grace the surfaces of everyday products for their customers who want to take time to enjoy life.

Three Ways We Can Work Together

Single pattern designs

Perfect if you just need a simple design for a single product. These designs usually include simple digital or hand drawn motifs in one layer and can be customised to suit your product.

Pattern collections ready to go!

My portfolio contains all of my pattern collections ready for licensing. They each have 3 or more designs ready to be customised to suit your product range. Exclusive licensing within your industry/region can be included.

Custom Pattern Design Collections

Fully commissioned, complex custom pattern designs or collections for exclusive license within your industry and/or region.

Book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss the vision you have for your product and how I can help.

What it’s like to work together


Deep Dive

As soon as you come on board with a commission we’ll dive into your design needs to determine the most suitable format for your product, as well as subject matter and style.

Do you need a technical repeat or will a placement print do the trick?



Here we’ll clarify what you are looking for in the design/s including pattern structure, motifs, colours and scale.

You may already have a mood board or we can develop one. Pinterest may or may not be involved!


This is where I get busy crafting your custom designs with check-ins along the way either via email or video call.

At various stages such as sketching and colouring you will have the opportunity to offer your feedback on the design to date.

Book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your product vision and how I can help. After our call I will create your quote for the custom design/s you need to make your product shine.


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What is licensing?

Licensing means that you purchase the right to use the patterns and prints I design for specific products or surfaces for a set period of time, volume and/or market. That means your competitors will not be able to use the same designs.

When we have discussed the best way for us to work together, I will send a quote including the license contract for you to review. Then the work begins!

I have a pattern I like. Can you make a copy?

Unless you own the copyright I can’t copy a design. I deeply respect the work and copyright of other artists and will not copy their work.
I will however consider a collection of images from a range of sources as inspiration to help develop a unique design that has the feel and look you need.

How much does a custom pattern design cost?

A number of variables determine pricing. These include the number of the motifs, the complexity of the design, the number of patterns or designs needed as well as the style (ie hand-drawn florals vs graphic geometrics). Book a consult call to discuss your needs. After our call I will create your custom quote.

My printing service needs a specific file format for printing.

No problem! If you outsource your printing I can discuss file format with you and your printing service provider and have the file ready to the specifications needed.

How long does the process take to create a custom design?

The timeline for a project depends on what kind of design you are after. I have a number of designs available right now for licencing. Custom designs and collections take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity and number of the designs. 

I don’t have a business but would like a design for something for my home.

How lovely! I am happy to take private commissions. Contact me or book a chat to discuss what you have in mind.

Other Ways I Can Help

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