Australian Floral Fabrics

Australian floral fabrics are experiencing a huge surge in popularity at the moment. Read about why this is so, and see the new Australian Floral Fabrics Collection by Motif Manor.

Why are Australian designs so popular?

Our ancient and isolated landscape has created an incredible range of unique and fascinating flowering plants that never cease to amaze. The blooms here range from small intricate flowers, to large flower heads with sawtooth leaves. They are just beautiful.

Australian floral inspired fabric designs are having a massive surge in popularity recently. I believe that this is driven by the uncertain times we are living through. They speak of a strong sense of home, here in Australia. I find them quite comforting.

For others around the world there is also a longing for the exotic and interesting that makes space for Australian inspired designs.

Motif Manor X Digital Fabrics

Over the past few months I have been busy creating patterns inspired by our amazing native flowers here in Australia.

I am so excited to introduce the Australian Floral Fabrics Collection and to announce my collaboration with Digital Fabrics to offer eleven designs on a wide range of fabrics. 

It is such a thrill to see my designs available online. Digital Fabrics specialises in print on demand fabrics right here in Sydney, Australia! They have a huge range of fabrics, both natural and synthetic, ready to print on, and also are generally lovely human bein

The floral fabrics on offer through Digital Fabrics is a bringing together of my favourite designs. Each of the mini collections is inspired by a different native flower and reflects a deeper appreciation of the fantastic range of unique and unusual flowers we have here in Australia.

(Check out my post ‘A Beautiful Pattern is Only Part of the Story’ to read more about my design process and why I design in mini collections.)

Ready to see some florals? Let’s get into it!

The Australian Floral Fabrics Collection




The ‘flag ship’ design, Banksia is full of movement, freedom, and detailed layers. The Banksia collection works across many projects, particularly those requiring a large scale pattern with layered details such as fashion.

Two different and simplified versions of the pattern complement, but also stand alone as lovely designs. ‘Sunrise Banksia’ has an open feel with it’s limited colour palette, while ‘Sunset Banksia’ contrasts with its orange background.

A floral pattern collection featuring Banksia Flowers

Grevillea in Bloom

Grevillea flowers can be so delicate and small they can almost go unnoticed, but not here. The Grevillea collection features the amazing blooms of its namesake in an intricate and structured pattern. ‘Gum Blossom Ogee’ is a smaller scale, monochrome version.

The collection is well suited to projects needing structured designs such as home décor. 

Grevillea Pattern Collection

Gum Blossoms at Night

‘Gum Blossoms at Night’ is sweet design! It’s hand drawn motifs with a dark palette of blush pink on deep blue offers a grounded design while remaining playful. It is perfect for so many projects with its tossed blooms and leaves.

The busy hero print is complemented by the smaller ‘Gum Blossom Leaves’ and ‘Gum Blossom’. They also look great on their own. This collection would work well on projects needing a smaller scale print such as kitchen napery, perhaps even children’s wear.

A floral pattern collection featuring Gum blossom and leaves

Golden Wattle

This mustard and teal, Wattle inspired collection brings a new grounded and earthy feel to the traditional ‘green and gold’. The hero design, ‘Golden Wattle’ has boldly outlined branches with subtle layering in the background. ‘Wattle Blossom’ is paired back to highlight the shapes of the flowers and leaves.

It is a bold collection that would work well on both fashion and home decor products.

A floral pattern collection featuring branches of Wattle in flower


And last but not least, Protea. Yes, I know. This is not an Australian native (but we like to think so!). Protea is a large scale print with depth and richness.

It works particularly well across home decor products.

A protea flower inspired fabric pattern


Which is your favourite?

Let me know which of the collections or particular design is your favourite. What would you make from its fabric?  I am a total non-sewer (declared that years ago) so I think all of your creative sewing types are so clever!

My love and fascination with native Australian flowers continues to grow and inspire my designs. I don’t see that ending any time soon and I am busy creating my next collection, perhaps again for fabrics, or maybe for other products.

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